Lake Eyre One Day Tour

One Day – Lake Eyre & Channel Country Tour Ex Longreach

Depart Longreach in the crisp morning air and view the floodplains of the Thomson River, before changing track and cruising over the vast expanse of the Diamantina channels. Descend over the desert to gain a closer view of the birdlife on the lakes, waterholes and wetlands encompassing the Diamantina River. Cross the expanse of cattle fattening channels and grassland as you weave your way west where the sand dunes become river banks and islands.

Tours from $1850 per person.

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Photo: John Dean

Enjoy smoko at the iconic outback town of Birdsville before departing for Lake Eyre over the Goyder Lagoon. Be amazed as you notice the land transform from arid, sand swept desert to countless channels and flood plains of water weaving through lush, green grasslands. Track down Eyre Creek and cross the Warburton to the inlet of Lake Eyre where this river overflows to stretch almost 10 miles wide.

Reaching the lake you will be awed by the sight of the desert transformed to an inland sea. Climb to take in the full panorama of the rivers as they feed into the expanse of Lake Eyre.   Departing Lake Eyre fly past the Coongie Lakes and head over to the Innamincka township.

After lunch visit the historic site of the Burke and Wills “Dig Tree” before following the Cooper Creek channels to view the birdlife of Lake Yamma Yamma. Continue north to view where the Thomson and Barcoo Rivers flow into Cooper Creek along with a brief stopover in Windorah. Return along the Thomson River channels arriving back late in the afternoon as the sun sets over Longreach.

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Photo: John Dean

Note: Trip routes may vary due to seasonal changes or weather conditions and according to specific customer requests.

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"It has been a great day, and a stunning flying experience... People everywhere couldn't have been more friendly..
We shared beautiful views of the desert landscapes and their amazingly clearly marked boundaries,
found Lake Eyre, the systems feeding into it, the patterns in the lake bed where the water is receding and the blue,
blue water remaining all fascinating and a learning experience.
We think that we have experienced the landscape in a way which would never have been available to us from the road level and this whole wind shaped but water engraved country has been an inspiring lesson in the history and geography of the heart of the Outback. Thanks you again"

Tony & Merril Clayton - 14/8/2011


Map of our general touring area for our 1 and 2 day tours.  
Lake Eyre filling up - see for yourself,this amazing natural event.