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About Lake Eyre

Since 1950 there have been less than twenty recorded flows into Lake Eyre from these river systems which remain one of the most natural systems to be seen in our world.

Lake Eyre and Channel Country One Day and Two Day tours ex Longreach will continue whilst the season and conditions as well as the amount of water in Lake Eyre continue to make it a spectacular flight over the outback.

Our tours range from 7-9 hours flying duration. Please contact us for more details on these One Day Lake Eyre Tours and Two Day Lake Eyre Tours that we have available. You may also like to discuss adapting these tours to suit your individual group.

Download Our Lake Eyre and Channel Country Tour Brochure and Our Lake Eyre and Channel Country Flight Map.

About The Channel Country

The channel country above Lake Eyre is some of the best cattle fattening country in Australia. Following significant rainfall in the Lake Eyre Basin prior to and during 2012, flooding in most areas of the channel country has provided ideal and amazing channels to view. Substantial rainfall across the Barcoo, Thompson and Landsborough Rivers has caused major flooding in the Cooper Creek which has resulted in spectacular birdlife on the Coongie Lakes.

View the contrast from Longreach over the Thomson and Barcoo River Systems as the flood follows down the Cooper Creek systems. Explore the channel country with us from the air as we follow the winding sandhill and channel pathway of this scenic adventure.

Lake Eyre and Channel Country Tours are currently departing from Longreach and covering over 1,500km as the flight travels west to Lake Eyre.

Please contact us to discuss any variations you may like to suit your individual group.

We wanted to thank you for what was a most memorable couple of days, as we were treated to the best look of this great country of ours. We were all overcome by the diversity of colour, land and water scapes as we skimmed down the channels and rivers and over the lakes and wetlands. It was more than we could have expected.

Carol Ross, Qld

What a trip.. I cannot say enough to thank you for organizing the trip I had.
I really think I have seen Australia now.

What a remarkable country we have. I thought the Kimberleys was number 1 but I’m not sure now?

Lloyd Howard, Qld

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