"It has been a great day, and a stunning flying experience...
People everywhere couldn't have been more friendly..
We shared beautiful views of the desert landscapes and their amazingly
clearly marked boundaries, found Lake Eyre, the systems feeding into it, the
patterns in the lake bed where the water is receding and the blue, blue
water remaining all fascinating and a learning experience. We think that we
have experienced the landscape in a way which would never have been
available to us from the road level and this whole wind shaped but water
engraved country has been an inspiring lesson in the history and geography
of the heart of the Outback. Thanks you again"

Tony & Merril Clayton - 14/8/2011

"We wanted to thank you for what was a most memorable couple of days, as we were treated to the best look of this great country of ours.
We were all overcome by the diversity of colour, land and water scapes as we skimmed down the channels and rivers and over the lakes and wetlands. It was more than we could have expected"

Carol Ross, Qld - 14/8/2011

What a trip.. I cannot say enough to thank you for organizing the trip I had.
I really think I have seen Australia now.
What a remarkable country we have. I thought the Kimberleys was number 1 but I'm not sure now?

Lloyd Howard, Qld - 17/8/2011

We are writing to thank you for providing us with two of the greatest days of flying and hospitality.
We now have some understanding of when, the people who live in that most extra-ordinary piece of country, talk about the Channels, Lake Eyre, the Goyder Lagoons, Lake Yamma Yamma. One has to fly over that country to come to some realization of how the floods make it such a remarkable piece of Australia. We also thank you for providing the two planes our group had, with such excellent pilots, who were a pleasure to be in the company of

David & Jane Carter, Qld - 12/8/2011

Map of our general touring area for our 1 and 2 day tours.  
Lake Eyre filling up - see for yourself,this amazing natural event.